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Welcome to the Office of Brian T. Hardy, MD Specializing in Hand Surgery at Texas Orthopedics

At Texas Orthopedics in Austin, Dr. Brian T. Hardy is an experienced orthopedic hand surgeon. He treats all conditions that affect the hand, such as sports injuries, burns, fractures, and arthritis. If you need hand surgery, he performs minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, such as endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery.

Patients who choose Dr. Hardy for hand surgery will experience the most comprehensive orthopedic care available in Austin, Texas. With a state-of-the-art accredited surgery center, advanced imaging and diagnostic tools, and certified hand therapists, Texas Orthopedics is a one-stop-shop for all your surgical and non-surgical orthopedic needs. We serve Austin and the surrounding communities with multiple offices located throughout the area.

If you need hand surgery, Dr. Brian Hardy is an excellent choice. Many satisfied patients continue to refer their friends and family to Dr. Hardy at Texas Orthopedics. Call (512) 439-1001 today or request an appointment online to see Dr. Hardy in Central Austin or Cedar Park, Texas.

Hand Surgeon in Cedar Park and Central Austin providing expert care for hand pain, wrist pain, wrist fracture, flexor tendon injuries, extensor tendon injuries, hand dislocations, carpal tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, deQuervain's tendonitis, Dupuytren's disease and other upper extremity conditions.  At Texas Orthopedics, Dr. Brian Hardy performs arthroscopic surgery, endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, joint replacement, hand reconstruction, and microvascular nerve surgery.